Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Sterilisation Tray (Instrument Trays for Sterilization)

Food or medical grade stainless steel sterilisation tray is an ideal choice for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. There are many grades of stainless steel to choose from, such as 304, 316, 316L. These grades of stainless steel have excellent rust resistance and safety, which makes it The material of choice for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.​​​

Our stainless steel instrument trays for sterilization is made of perforated sheet, woven mesh, or welded mesh, and has a variety of sizes to choose from. The surface is polished without sharp edges and corners. The unique mesh design can achieve better Steam circulation and faster drying. It is suitable for handling, cleaning, disinfecting and storing small microdissection and surgical instruments and small parts.

stainless steel woven wire mesh sterilization baskets

Woven Wire mesh Sterilization Baskets

stainless steel perforated sterilization tray

Perforated Metal Tray

Woven wire mesh Sterilisation Tray

Woven wire mesh Sterilisation Tray

Welded Wire Mesh Sterilisation Tray

Welded Instrument Trays for Sterilization

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